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The Power of Color- Communicates Approachable or Authoritative

26 Oct 2016 1:58 PM | Lisa Demmi (Administrator)

By Lisa K. Ford

Invent Your Image

When putting together an outfit consider what you would like to communicate to your audience.  Do you want to express authority or do you want to be accessible?

It all boils down to what percentage of your ensemble is darker colors or lighter/softer hues.  Outfits with the majority of pieces that are of darker value will add authority and stature vs. softer/lighter colors illustrates openness.

Or in this instance just switching up the blouse changes the message of softer vs. stronger.

So whether you wantto be perceived as friendlier wear lighter colors and for those times you need to be more formal or professional oft for a higher percentage of darker values in your outfit.

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