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By Karen Koch, Owner, CompassPointz, LLC 

 Cars vs. Computers 

I noticed that the little sticker on my car windshield that indicates that it’s just about time for an oil change. It’s funny how we pay so much attention to our car and its maintenance, but we don’t do the same for our computers. 

These days, almost everyone owns a computer. It is a must-have, like a car. With our cars, we seem to remember to change the oil; we notice strange noises, indicator lights and take care of that infamous 60,000-mile tune-up. Our computers are not so lucky even though we may use them more often than our cars – especially if you telecommute! 

With our computers, we travel all over the internet. Computers are responsible for our email, family calendars, schedules, pictures, music, and those bizarre you-tube videos. We rarely consider that there are thousands of temporary file fragments being strewn all over our precious hard drives every time we go surfing. We forget to apply software updates and our virus scan software is often out of date. But when our computers come to a crawl or don’t work at all – we freak out! We keep a lot of stuff in that little box but don’t think about doing a bit of maintenance once in a while. We never worry until it’s too late! 

Regular maintenance for your computer will keep it going strong. A little TLC – starting with some “housekeeping” on a monthly basis will help. You should reboot your system at least once a week. Delete files you don’t need anymore. Configure Windows Updates to install automatically. Make a backup copy of all of your important files and store them on an external drive and external cloud backup. 

First thing is to have some sort of anti-virus. A decent free anti-virus is Avast. But remember – no Anti-virus is perfect. A useful clean-up tool is cleaner. Just run it every week or so and you may see quite a difference. If you notice that your system seems a little slower or sluggish, even you are performing regular maintenance, consider that you may be in the beginning of a hardware failure. If you notice the signs early enough, you may be able to save some time and money…think of this like your check engine light! 

Schedule regular maintenance for your computer using post-it notes, email reminders or put in on the Outlook calendar! So, the next time you notice that little sticker on your windshield or change the oil on your car, think about your computer. Maybe a computer checkup now and then will keep you traveling safe on the “information superhighway”. 

CompassPointz, LLC is owned and operated by Karen Koch and Shawn Clark. CompassPointz delivers customized computer services dedicated to residential and business systems. With over 30 years of combined experience, they have unique insight and perspective on the needs of their clients. 

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