7 FREE Ways to Show a Business Appreciation

By Karen Gillman, Executive VP at On Point Executive Center

When a business exceeds your expectations it is only natural to want to show your genuine appreciation.  The problem is, how can you fully express your gratitude, without breaking the bank?  If you are truly satisfied by your experience and a monetary expression is not an option, check out our list of FREE, lasting, powerful ways to say thank you and truly convey your satisfaction.

A 5-star Google Review

Let’s face it, everyone uses Google.  One of the best FREE way to show your gratitude towards a business is to publicly rave by a review that will be seen by everyone who does a simple Google search for that business. It would be nearly impossible to place a dollar figure on the amount of positive exposure this kind of review would produce.

A 5-star Facebook review

If your business is not on social media, your business basically does not exist.  Multi 5-star ratings on Facebook will help elevate a business above its competitors.  You can also share their page which will increase the traffic to ensure your review is far reaching.

Written Note of Appreciation

With all the advances in technology, rarely does anyone ever take the time to hand write a well thought out letter anymore.  You can show your appreciation by taking the time to hand write what your experience with their business meant to you. This kind, the sincere gesture is sure to put a smile on the business owner’s face.  When received, we know it does ours!

A Referral

You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing but you can’t buy referrals.  According to Neilsen, 92% of consumers trust referrals from friends and family over all other forms of advertising.  If you want to show your appreciation, thoughtfully refer a qualified friend or family member.  Ask them, if they are equally satisfied, to refer more friends and family.  Watch the positive snowball effect this has on a business.

An Introduction to a Networking Group

Networking groups are a valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients, and educate others about your business.  Networking groups are also a great way to partner up with a business that compliments your business.  This partnership will allow you to easily refer business to each other, which will increase sales and revenue.  When appropriate, ask an associate from the business you want to express your gratitude to, to attend a group with you.  Take time to introduce them to mutually beneficial associates.

An Endorsement

You do not have to be a celebrity to endorse a business or product.  An endorsement is a convenient way to send a positive message to people in your network.  Your endorsement will create a level of trust between those who know you and the business you are endorsing.

An eMailed Testimony with Permission to Print

This method works for so many reasons.  It encompasses all the above methods because with your permission they can use your testimony on Facebook, Google, their website, printed advertisements and virtually anywhere they choose. 

People will remember how you made them feel long after they will remember the amount of money you spent.  The amount of future sales you can generate by doing any one of the above is priceless.  While the words you use might be free, the value placed on them is immeasurable.  So next time you find yourself wanting to show a business appreciation, try using one of these free techniques.  Not only will your bank account thank you, but the business owner will forever be indebted to you for the new clients you have created.


Founded in 1999, On Point Executive Center offers a variety of virtual office solutions, virtual assistants and physical space to entrepreneurs needing offices or conference rooms on an as-needed basis. In addition to offices and meeting space, On Point Executive Center provides copy / fax / scanning machines, on-site notary services, wireless internet, address and mail services, translation, toll-free long-distance services and other telecommunications services, as well as a variety of office necessities at either at a package price or on an a ’la carte basis. Clients can also use the professional receptionist service, and/or secure a business mailing address and mailbox.

On Point provides an economical yet professional solution for companies looking to elevate their image while reducing their overhead.  For current affairs follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Navigating Technology

By Karen Koch, Owner, CompassPointz, LLC 

 Cars vs. Computers 

I noticed that the little sticker on my car windshield that indicates that it’s just about time for an oil change. It’s funny how we pay so much attention to our car and its maintenance, but we don’t do the same for our computers. 

These days, almost everyone owns a computer. It is a must-have, like a car. With our cars, we seem to remember to change the oil; we notice strange noises, indicator lights and take care of that infamous 60,000-mile tune-up. Our computers are not so lucky even though we may use them more often than our cars – especially if you telecommute! 

With our computers, we travel all over the internet. Computers are responsible for our email, family calendars, schedules, pictures, music, and those bizarre you-tube videos. We rarely consider that there are thousands of temporary file fragments being strewn all over our precious hard drives every time we go surfing. We forget to apply software updates and our virus scan software is often out of date. But when our computers come to a crawl or don’t work at all – we freak out! We keep a lot of stuff in that little box but don’t think about doing a bit of maintenance once in a while. We never worry until it’s too late! 

Regular maintenance for your computer will keep it going strong. A little TLC – starting with some “housekeeping” on a monthly basis will help. You should reboot your system at least once a week. Delete files you don’t need anymore. Configure Windows Updates to install automatically. Make a backup copy of all of your important files and store them on an external drive and external cloud backup. 

First thing is to have some sort of anti-virus. A decent free anti-virus is Avast. But remember – no Anti-virus is perfect. A useful clean-up tool is cleaner. Just run it every week or so and you may see quite a difference. If you notice that your system seems a little slower or sluggish, even you are performing regular maintenance, consider that you may be in the beginning of a hardware failure. If you notice the signs early enough, you may be able to save some time and money…think of this like your check engine light! 

Schedule regular maintenance for your computer using post-it notes, email reminders or put in on the Outlook calendar! So, the next time you notice that little sticker on your windshield or change the oil on your car, think about your computer. Maybe a computer checkup now and then will keep you traveling safe on the “information superhighway”. 

CompassPointz, LLC is owned and operated by Karen Koch and Shawn Clark. CompassPointz delivers customized computer services dedicated to residential and business systems. With over 30 years of combined experience, they have unique insight and perspective on the needs of their clients. 

The Power of Color- Communicates Approachable or Authoritative

Invent Your Image

When putting together an outfit consider what you would like to communicate with your audience.  Do you want to express authority or do you want to be accessible?

It all boils down to what percentage of your ensemble is darker colors or lighter/softer hues.  Outfits with the majority of pieces that are of darker value will add authority and stature vs. softer/lighter colors illustrates openness.

Or in this instance just switching up the blouse changes the message of softer vs. stronger.


So whether you want to be perceived as friendlier wear lighter colors and for those times you need to be more formal or professional oft for a higher percentage of darker values in your outfit.